Terraria 1.1.2 Mac With Multiplayer

You can now craft stone letters and numbers with a Heavy Workbench. Minions with line of sight on that enemy will target it immediately. Fixed items being equipped when you open a chest with autopause under certain circumstances.

Pots now drop more money based on the type of pot. Eater of Worlds expert mode Vile Spit damage has been reduced. There is a new Alchemy Table that has a chance to reduce potion crafting cost.

Fixed certain achievements not being obtainable in multiplayer you should now be able to get them all. Reduced some packet sizes for multiplayer. You can now join multiplayer games through Steam. Fixed bug where chandeliers would spawn lit up in underground cabins. Fixed dressers blowing up from explosive projectiles.

Fixed bug where spawn rates would increase underground when a moon event is happening. He will be offering a variety of Etherian loot and gear in exchange for an exclusive currency earned by playing the new invasion! It now takes longer for weeds to grow in clay pots.

Added Silly Balloon Blocks and Walls. Fixed crash when mousing over chests and dressers in the map view. Chlorophyte can grow in bigger chunks now. Fixed bug where holding pet items would not bring up the equipment page.

Golden Clock now correctly drops from pirate invasions. Fixed Weighted Pressure Plates not working. Extractinators can now be found in Fishing Crates. You can now turn when placing Minecart tracks. In order to view the history in the chat box, press the up and down keys while you are present in the chat.

Fixed a bug where Piranha Statues weren't spawning properly when a world was created. Dynamic lighting now stays when the game is paused. Keys to Biome Chests are now dropped instead of molds. Fixed an issue where you could invite players to your previous game while in single player. Critters now have a sell price.

Fixed an issue where joining a game from outside of the game would cause an uncancellable joining screen to display. Added Snowfall Blocks and Walls. Water Candles can now be crafted. Fixed recalling while renaming a chest would lock your controls out until a restart. Spectral fish are a bit easier to catch.

Fixed Old One's lane portals not emitting light. Fixed bug where the players hand would draw behind the head when wearing Bee Armor. You should lose connection In-Game. Fixed Chlorophyte protection in the jungle not being as effective as it should be. Fixed Defender's Forge closing instantly if opened from below.

Fixed minecarts hitting invincible enemies. Upped spawn rates in underground desert. Fixed Pumpkin Shirt and Robot Shirt causing leg skin to disappear when equipped.

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Spooky Wood Dresser is now obtainable. There are several new appearance options available during character creation. Whoopie Cushion drop chance has been increased. Fixed many types of furniture breaking instantly when they're placed above platform stairs. Item stack sizes are now universal.

Dressers, Pianos and Tables no longer emit particles when struck - you're not breaking them. Fixed a few cage types that were drawing improperly.

Moss backgrounds have been updated with new textures. This can be toggled using control and has an interface option. Booster Tracks and Minecart Track intersections can no longer be triggered as rapidly. Fixed bug where upon loading the player might sometimes have empty spaces between their buffs.

This update is an open beta test of the Mac and Linux versions of Terraria. This page lists updates to Terraria along with the changes made in each update. We have no easter eggs for Terraria yet.

Added an inventory button to Quick Stack to All Nearby Chests, shosholoza song mp3 making inventory management much quicker. Added Sandfall Blocks and Walls.

Fixed numerous input issues Fixed item linking in chat! Fixed bug where breakable pots wouldn't drop life and mana when you weren't at your max if you had temporary increases.

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Version History

Fixed Sticky Dynamite tooltip. Added several new mini biomes to world gen. Fixed teleporting directly on top of a pressure plate not triggering it properly since. Angry Nimbus more likely to spawn. Virtual Keyboard should no longer appear unless a Gamepad is being used.


Fixed smart-cursor not placing pumpkin seeds properly. Bug Fixes Fixed Pumpkins getting cut when swinging nearby items or projectiles at them we wanted to make placing blocks over them cut them for convenience, nothing else! You can now craft Waterfall tiles. Fixed certain melee weapons causing framedrops when used at very far distance from hittable targets.

Fixed Corrupt Thorns almost never generating. Smart Cursor makes digging, chopping, placing, and breaking much faster and easier. You can now use the Sort feature with chests.