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Rangan explains that he feels satisfied with the job as he does not have to cheat, impersonate or fake his life for anything. Dilip Poornam Viswanathan Pratap Pothan. Central Board of Film Certification. Liaqat catches up with him and holds him at gun point. Balachander asked Ratnam, he told him the outline.

Rangan Kamal Haasan and his friend R. Rishi reasons with Liaqat further and convinces him that his war is immoral. Unknown to her and her family, Shenbagam is in love with the son of her paternal aunt. The couple find themselves in a beautiful yet alien land. Hence Devi decides to accept his proposal on the condition that Pratap must recommend a job for Rangan to his father, to which Pratap accepts unwillingly.

When Rishi wishes to speak to Shenbagam alone, she gathers enough courage to convey this and politely asks him to reject her in front of her parents, to which he obliges. He cheated Rangan by saying that his daughter has died and needed money to perform last rites. All tracks written by Aatreya.

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Much to the chagrin of Rayappa, the government decides to release Wasim Khan in exchange for Rishi. She suggests he finish his lunch before going there, leaving Rangan embarrassed as there is no food to eat. On reaching the place, she pays him, to which Rangan replies that he has no change. Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Film. Rose as he felt it sounded similar to the name of a brand of crushed betel nut.

Rangan once chases a man Oru Viral Krishna Rao to his house to get back the money which he looted by lying to him. Hence he tells Devi to choose a better life as he lost all his confidence of making a decent living with her. Liaqat escapes from the Indian Army.

Devi returns the money to Rangan and she also pays him for carrying her luggage on that day. The Army locks Wasim Khan up in the prison. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But Devi finds out that Rangan and his friends hardly eat for real.

Actually, he did so to draw a portrait of them. Hence she spends her own money to provide food for them. Shekher subsequently joins them for the purpose of searching a job. Rangan's friend somehow earns some money, which he did so by the advice of a friend Dileep.

Devi quits from the stage acting and starts to live at Rangan's house taking up a new job of baby sitting. To satisfy Balachander, he suggested another title Irudhi Varai lit. Rangan hears this and he expresses his intentions in the form of a song that he too loves her. However he and his friends pretend to eat a sumptuous meal inside the kitchen. Balachander Indian films Films about poverty in India Tamil films remade in other languages Unemployment in fiction s Tamil-language films Tamil films scored by M.


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It stars Arvind Swamy and Madhoo in the lead roles. The story ends with Rangan and Devi started a fresh life and Sundaram Pillai accepted his son's decision. Balachander Films set in Delhi Films shot in Delhi.

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As Ratnam was telling him the outline, the subject became more crystallised. Love blossoms, and life is blissful for the couple for a short while.

Rayappa, Roja and other army officers get to the hostage exchange spot with Wasim Khan, but Liaqat does not show up. However, raymond feist ebooks he disliked the title Roja lit. Roja received positive reception for its patriotic themes. Rangan apologises to him and both Devi and Rangan become his friends.

Varumayin Niram Sivappu was partially reshot in Telugu as Aakali Rajyam and released the following year. Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu lit. Pratap Pothen recalled in January that it was the simultaneous release of Moodu Pani another film featuring him and Varumayin Niram Sivappu that made him a star.

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Rangan is a straightforward person who does not tolerate anything which involves impersonation and deceit. Kitty did not pick it up and when filmmaker K. These things were written into the script. Rangan once sold his father's Thambura to buy a train ticket for Delhi, which angered his father. Rangan loses all of the jobs due to his straightforwardness and subsequently suffers from poverty but he is not ready to back off from his attitude for the sake of hunger.

It was not thought of as something that would work on a big scale. The man enters a house and Rangan chases him there and stumbles upon Devi. He runs away from home in search of Dileep. Rishi and Roja are united once again.

Barani dies in a road accident while seeking Rangan. Directorate of Film Festivals. As Balachander was the inspiration and the reason for Ratnam entering Tamil films, when he asked him to make a film for his banner, Ratnam wanted it to be one of the best films they had produced. Balachander instantly approved the outline of the film when Ratnam narrated.

He apologises to Devi for letting her down. Initially Roja does not like what Rishi did, but when she learns of Shenbagam's love affair and consequent rejection of Rishi, she apologises and starts seeing him in a new light. Devi finds Rangan and tells to him that he is the one who she loves and she will not leave him ever, which angers Pratap and he goes away. Pooveli Rojavanam Muriyadi unreleased. Devi and Rangan get to know each other better, learning that Rangan is an unemployed straightforward person and Devi is a small-time stage actress in one of the many theatres.

The theme of the film is based on the relationship between Savitri and Satyavan of the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. The film depicts the struggles of youth and their disillusionment with Indian society in general. Rahman debuted as a film composer with this film. All the developments happened after that. Liaqat lets Rishi go and he goes to the exchange spot.

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He follows and practices the words of Mahakavi Bharatiyar in his daily life. Rangan tells him get out of the house and not to come again. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Devi goes to Rangan's house to introduce him to her stage play director, so he can replace an ill actor and earn some money.

Download Sigappu Rojakkal 1978 Tamil movie mp3 songs

Accolades Filmography Madras Talkies. The snow-capped mountains and flower-covered valleys of Kashmir are also an eyeful.