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Dil Tutda is Punjabi Sad Song that reflects heartbroken situation of a lover. As you need to think for a solution. This Punjabi hit number is a beautifully composed song with some heart-touching Punjabi phrases. You are loyal to him or her. As it is a bad habit to taunt a sad person.

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It is an ideal song to feed your emotions. Brain thinks what is right or wrong. Like you and me use our brain to be manipulative.

It is an extremely thoughtful track, so slow style mp3 depicting the sentimental feelings of a person in love. It is not true that distances make you closer. This is the fact you should believe it. What you feel if a letter comes for you?

Every song on this list is a great number and totally deserves to be on your playlist too. He wants to get rid of the bad memories of his love. Have you ever forgotten your mumma? However, this waiting situation can be long.

However, the tears affect your thinking ability. Dil mera is the best Punjabi sad Song. To avoid this regretful situation be truthful. Amar Arshi gives his voice for Dillan De Jahni.

Best Friends make you feel special. Gurdas Maan needs no introduction. In my list, you find the Punjabi sad songs of the best singers. However, the loss of love is a frightening feeling. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best songs to be on this list.

Top 50 Best Punjabi Sad Songs List

You can get this best Punjabi Sad Song. However, it makes you realize the loneliness in your life. However, this song tells about a lover.

Have you ever seen a lost lover? Therefore, you should cry for problems. Love is not to be demanding. You have to face your memories even it is happy or sad. However, some of you may not take it serious.

Best Punjabi Sad Songs list ( Super Hit Punjabi Sad songs) MP3-MP4

Some of them motivate you even. Yar Mood Do describes the feeling to losing your best friends. Later, with that person his or her family dies in sorrow.

Aadat Aadat is another superhit Punjabi sad song. How you behave in this situation? Mom is the important part of our life. The song was written and sung by Sharry Mann, while the music was composed by Gurmeet Singh. In order to get those memories back you try hard.

Somehow, love changes the person. Vodka is one of the best beverage in the food and beverage industries. Nevertheless, in some situation it acts as a barrier. Person is stuck in some problems. Why to cheat to your love.

How it feels when you are heartbroken? However, in the sad mood you try to remember the sad moments of your life. In some situation, you find that destiny is testing you.

You have to wait for the thing you eagerly need. As they have some special place in their heart. As happiness is the important part of the life.

However, most of you are not aware about this fact. Load More Related Articles. If the answer is yes then the person is heartless. Yaad is the Hindi word for the memories. With the help of this song, Amrinder Gill tries to describe the sadness of a girl on her vidaai.

Punjabi sad song is a new trend in the country and are adored by fans due to their sentimental value. As Ohi Chann Ohi Raatan is one of them. Somehow, this song makes you cry the most.

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Later, you realize your decision is correct. However, this may be a happy or sad situation of your life.

Best Punjabi Sad Songs list ( Super Hit Punjabi Sad songs) MP3-MP4

Sahiban is a hit Punjabi Sad song by Kuldeep Manak. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. What happens when destiny does not want your union?

Babbu Maan has composed many Heartbroken Punjabi Sad songs. Your mood changes with the Best Punjabi sad songs. Sometimes the emotions of the sad songs are helpful in uplifting your mood. Tu Bewfaa is the best Punjabi sad song.

So now, you should be thankful to your mom. As you know, heart is pure. As in love you to perform mad and funny things.

Not all the sad song makes you cry. When you hear this song, you like to hear it again. Life is not possible without best friends. As most of you like to look at the stars and moon.