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Positive, upbeat, fun cross genre rock instrumental. Cheerful happy and upbeat royalty free music with fun and joyful melody and positive, optimistic mood. Inspiring electronic music for wide application in media projects. Great for retro and vintage background, drive and fun music, indie rock radio stations, sunny beach moods, youth fun uplifting music, sport shows, surfing and bicycle shows and much more.

Perfect choice for any sports videos, energetic motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercials and more. An optimistic, positive, sunny, upbeat and fun track featuring ukuleles, piano, hand claps, marimba and catchy glockenspiel lines, making it ideal for commercial or corporate use.

Great for YouTube videos, photo slideshows, commercials, websites and any project that needs an optimistic, cheery vibe. Catchy, positive and happy acoustic production music.

Generally speaking, it is cute, simple, and playful. Upbeat and positive track with a happy, fun and energetic feel. Inspirational music track with optimistic piano and simplistic electric guitars. Great for corporate, good times, business, uplifting, excitement, and all feelgood good time media. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells, piano, electric bass and light drums.

Royalty-Free Happy/Upbeat Instrumental Music

This upbeat bright and happy song features ukulele, glockenspiel and claps. Not available to guest users. This is modern pop anthem with wonderful, inspiring and uplifting mood and truly optimistic energy. This playfuyl and funny background music is great to show the funniest yet sneaky moment to the audience.

Cheerful, positive thinking vibe with this breezy, upbeat tune. This is uplifting and happy tune with the optimistic and positive atmosphere. The more tempo-up the music is, the happier it will be. This is lovely, warm, cute, gentle and very beautiful tune with a positive and joyful atmosphere.

Happy Music Free Background Music / Music For Media

The carefree, upbeat nature of this track makes it perfect for use in any media meant to convey a positive attitude. Nice and happy jazz swing with funny melodies recorded with acoustic guitars, drums and bass. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, Radio and other projects. Perfect for video games, animations and comedy videos.

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Instruments are pizzicato strings, clarinet, bassoon, theremin, vocal choir, xylophone, tuba, marimba. Creepy cinematic track is perfect for horror, thriller, halloween, action movies, trailers and so on. Tropical acoustic tracks with sunny mood and uplifting summer atmosphere.

Happy, easy going, and cheerful sound. Happy Sun is super happy, uplifting, corporate motivational royalty free track.

Peppy Instrumental Music Mp3 Free Download - Mp3Take

An infectious, funky, and uplifting disco dance track influenced by Daft Punk that builds energy. Like laying down on your back in a field of flowers with butterflies flying around and the sunshine on your face. The track features a piano, woodwinds and an upright bass. Ideal for videos, presentations, podcasts, vlogs and voice-overs. Featuring whistling, ukulele, banjo, glock, piano, strings and hand claps.

Suitable for projects that need romantic feel, thoughtfulness or even a classical touch. Energetic hip hop and atmospheric ambient.

The composition features an airy, breezy synth melody with strange sampled vocals interjecting. It can convey joy, love, surprise, awe, and serenity. This is a happy and optimistic music, full of joy and smile.

Positive, happy and sunny pop-folk track featuring ukulele, hands clapping, whistling, acoustic guitar, bells, piano, and percussion. Royalty free audio tracks are excellent for any kind of project that requires creativity.

Cheerful, bouncy groove with an upbeat, hopeful melody. Very simple and very happy and carefree track featuring whistling and ukulele. Perfect for corporate projects, commercials, films, and videos of all kinds.

Great for animated cartoon production, advertisements, and a wide range of promotional media. Melodic and uplifting Future Bass with punchy drop and cool groove. Funny orchestral track perfect to add some comical elements to your productions. Happy and optimistic pop-folk track with ukulele, hand clapping, piano, acoustic guitar and drums. No matter what form it takes, music is a world in itself, with a language of emotions that everyone is able to understand.

An upbeat and fun acoustic song with marimba, xylophone, bells and acoustic guitar. Bright, happy, feelgood, bouncy.

Youthful and invigorating, suggested for fast-moving imagery, sports and action footage. Music can also have highly complex harmonies.

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Peppy electronica with an undercurrent of adventure and offbeat whimsical mischief. Instrumental songs are for fun, relaxation, aaja tenu akhiyan udeek diyan mp3 and sleep. Instrumental music can be played at home or in the classroom because it promotes relaxation.

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