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Shahzad Javed, Afifa Muhammad. Khuda Dekh Raha Hai highlights the important issue of manipulating lives of people in the garb of religion, and in this story, the life of someone as near as your own daughter. Adil, meri train ka time horaha hai.

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Adil's behavior gets worse as he refuses to treat Yousuf and even says to Saba that he will kill Yousuf but somehow Saba keeps him grounded. But she remains hopeful and in denial but Dr. Sabiha also directed recently released film Good Morning Karachi. She starts walking towards him but doesn't stop in front of him but keeps on walking, walks past him, just as she was about to take one more step further, she stops. Before she actually recovers from it, Adil places his hands into his pockets and slowly starts to walk away from her.

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Bilqees Kaur Ost Title Song. This is the second time he has successfully caused her outburst by his stupidity. Adil's hospital who is a top class surgeon and runs this hospital.

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Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Un sawaalon ke jawab ke liye aapko bulaya. Balkis is a very strong woman and works hard with her husband for their livelihood.

So far, biblical royal family without any opposition, but Suha is something from them. Now standing a step closer to her, he waits for her answer as she tries to remain calm because from within she can feel the ocean rising once again. That was the moment when he saw her break down for the first time.

With this he lets go of her elbow but doesn't shift his gaze from her just yet. Even though it seemed he was not able to concentrate on anything but a throbbing pain on the left side of his head. The story revolves around two lives couples Saba and Joseph and Rahana and Dr. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

That's why Adil asked her that question before, trying to make her realize it isn't the same anymore that she can't keep on hoping it is all wrong or misunderstanding because it is not. Yousuf and Rana come out of coma but Yousuf having no memory and very aggressive and Rana too having no memory and not able to speak temporarily. Realizing her tone was raised, she looks away and tries to compose herself without meeting with his eyes.

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No matter how much Saba yearns for answers from Yousuf or Adil asks from Rana, nothing will change that. Es duniya mein koi hai jiska tumhare ilawa aur koi nahi hai. Adeel world apart when they come to find out that each couple having an affair outside of wedlock. The one person in the whole world who matters to him now is her - Saba and it's the same person he is causing the pain right now. Now Saba calls Adil there too and shows him the house where he is completely shocked, in rage, shattered and feeling betrayed.

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To have their faces in mind here's the link of my creations on them. However, trying to approach more astronomy Salman, it is ignored more. It only took a day but she chose to forgive him, she chose to see the reason behind his anger, hp laserjet 1010 she chose to help him out and not abandon him. This is my first one-shot on Dr.

She tries to speak but she shakes his head. He and Saba are left shocked as how Yousuf and Rana were together when they don't know each other or their families or never met each other before. No matter what she says he knows that it is not the same anymore. Meanwhile Adil and Saba who are completely broken and shattered find some peace of mind with each other when they spend sometime together talking about their partners and their love. In last episode, Adil in fit of anger tries to misbehave with Saba because of Yousuf where she breaks down and blames Adil and Rana for creating havoc in her life.

While talking to her friend Saba realizes that deep down she has managed to get through this difficult time only because of Adil, he kept her strong and remembers their time together. Next morning she did surprise him when she accepted his apology and realized the reason behind his stupid rather a thoughtless act. Adel works in the same hospital and he had no idea what his wife had to do with Joseph.

She turns around to look at him but comes face to face with his back, his face is still looking at where Saba was previously standing. Although the marriage on love and passion and commitment towards each other, there are often some of the secrets that are kept well hidden from the world. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Not only this but she finds out her husband has so much loan and left almost no money for her. She finds it hard to believe that Salman ignore her beauty and good looks to the average Tabinda looking.

No need to say how madly I am in love with Adil and Saba and this drama. Aapko es liye bulaya tha ke jis din se mile hain aapne sawaalon se pareshaan kar diya mujh. Tumhe agar parwa hoti na toh tum wahan hoti, mujhe apne paas yahan nahi bulati. It leaves Saba questioning about her relation with Yousuf meanwhile Adil has made up his mind to break all ties with Rana.

She can't break down now, not again especially not in front of him again. Severe psychological shock so that astronomy is suffering from a major breakdown.

It will change the dynamics of the family after the arrival of Suha? So a car accident takes place in which a man and woman are injured and they are taken into a hospital which is Dr.

Tum usay dekho yaan na dekho, tumhe kabhi uski parwa karo yaan na karo. It is running a restaurant together, and I am proud of owning a restaurant abroad.

Saba is not looking forward to see Yousuf because now Saba has seen it with her own eyes that Yousuf was cheating on her with Rana. While Adil doesn't care about Rana but only worries about Saba.

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