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The instructors have been very good to work with each term. The credits that they transferred didn't even go towards his degree!

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These degrees require discipline and self motivation and that is based on individual choice. Not sure if I want to continue going here if this is the way they do their business! No need to talk to anyone. The University ir recognized, so what's the problem people.

Which from reaidng these commments seems I shouol dhave all kinds of issues. Disbursements are stalled and no one tries to help. These are things that can hinder you at any institution. As I know most have never taken our word as graduates that this schhool is great and vaues its students learning. Grantham met all of my needs and then some.

If I didn't have a book, my instructors were understanding and allotted more time to complete the coursework. If you donthave nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all. Every student that attends here has a job that helps them play bills and has a family, but if you end up with a job that only gives you one day off a week at times, this college is not for you. The teachers will not respond back to any email so dont bother and the ones who do are so rude and over the top its ridiculous.

It all boils down to knowlege, certifications and networking being the keys to sucess. My problem, not Grantham's. If you can't teach yourself you shouldn't be taking online courses. Each Teacher is different. Is it a nationally accredited college?

If you want to know more, Google Shaun Manzano. Sometimes I miss the real conversation and debate that occurs in a classroom setting.

Seems like Grantham wants to con you into taking more courses with them so they can rake in the money. You must be a self starter, able to self learn, and possess a disciplined stick-with-it-ness to acheive success. If you choose to learn, then you will. My company is now paying for my tuition and my salary has increases. This devalues my honest work.

The problem is I just want my bachelors degree I never asked for an associates. They followed me from the states, to Iraq, and back, twice and my student reps couldn't have been better.

If you are not a disciplined person you may want to attend a regular college. Only area it might affect you is transfer of credits going from a Associates to a Bachelors to a Masters. They will not hire me because my degree in not Regionally Accredited. As far as value goes, snoop dogg drop it like its hot I think it's a great value. They are trying to force me to take more courses by erroneously awarding me an associates degree for which I never applied.

This is not the instructors fault, but the admin office. From what I can tell this is true of most other states as well. The purpose of online education is to better yourself while maintaining a fulltime job, raising a family, and living the adult life.

Gmat cr bibleGmat cr bible

Not everyone can afford to go to Harvard or Yale! To get the promotion I need both.

Most colleges require that a certain number of credits be completed at their institution as a requirement for graduation. Grantham does value its students learning. Of course you have a minimum learning pace. If you have a problem with an instructor make it known to the administration. All teachers are different and grade differently, some are up your butt and others are lazy giving you an A for spelling your name right.

The key to preventing the over utilization of reference materials on examinations is time limits. Got that attitude in Army. Then I made a mistake of going to Grantham for my Master's.

Gmat cr bible

From day one, my stundent progress Rep and has been in constant contact with me the whole way through. All in all, Grantham worked for me. The value is reasonable and the classes are plenty challenging.