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Just batton down the hatches and pull up the anchor to get started. Are you ready to park the boat? As a commander of a pirate ship, you must destroy the enemy fleet guarding the treasure! Send Us An Email E-mail us!

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So climb aboard this boat for an epic adventure in these dangerous waters. Donate Now Support Our Mission. Explore narrow river bends and earn cash to splash on your brand new motor boat! More categories Board games Classic games Misc games Videos.

Play as a pirate of the sea! Don't have an account yet? Order Online Now Click here to access our online ordering system. Driving a boat can be lots of fun, but operating a submarine or a gigantic battleship is even more awesome! Fight back using your machine gun and other audacious weapons, like mines and grenades, in this shooting game.

Contact Information We are here to assist you. How many points can you score? Pick out a cool water scooter and get ready to blast your way past the competition. On-Water Training Learn with the hands-on approach. View System Requirements and follow the on-screen instructions and prompts to install.

Join a fast-paced racing that is held on deep sea! All that treasure awaits you! What can you do with a Nitro Boost? Or make yourself the snazziest piece of floating eye candy with Pimp My Racing Boat. Stop the chemical plant polluting the river by using your homemade hoovercraft!

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Boat Games - Free Online Boat Games

Can you defend these waters? By continuing on our website you consent to it. About Boat Donation Boat or yacht donation.

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Jump in this speed boat and see how long you can keep the bouncing ball from hitting the shore. Play Speedy Boats for free online and switch boat lanes to dodge the traffic on the water! For best performance, make sure all video card drivers and Windows updates are installed. From racing to building or just partying, see if you are a landlubber or have what it takes to set sail.

And if you really want some action, in Speedboat Shooting find out if you can defend your boat from ruthless, pirate-like gangs. Is yours the fastest boat on the water? Education Boating Simulator and Games. But careful getting back into the port, because Park My Boat will test your skills at manuevering or taking down the pier in one of our boat-parking games! With ship games like Tall Ships Race, acrobat reader time is of essence as you sail around convoluted coastlines.

The river in this action game is pretty dangerous. Eat and swim to survive, and knock over boats to battle pirates! Unstoppable will to rescue carrots?

Will you be the first racer to cross the finish lines on every one of these thrilling courses? These products were developed to introduce you to a new and interactive way of learning the basics of safe boating. If it is for fishing-boat games you are casting a line, then have a stab at The Lord of the Harpoon to see who gets the biggest catch. The faster you go equals more points.

Boat Games - Play Boat Games on Free Online Games

Download Information For best performance, make sure all video card drivers and Windows updates are installed. Marketplace Your Purchase will Make a Difference. Follow on screen start-up commands to begin.

Drive a wild powerboat, use cool upgrades and race through nine levels. This will ensure a smooth operating experience. This speedboat is under attack and only you can defend it from a ruthless gang. Drive through the energy circles for extra boosts! Practice docking a boat in DockIt and navigating busy waterways in NavigateIt!

Dress her up and then zip across waters like the dazzling Don Johnson as he was in the s tv series Miami Vice. Come on and rock the boat. Free Boating Safety Course Free online state specific safety course. Time to test your racing skills on water!

Show your skills and control your Jet Ski on and underwater! Fight back with your machine gun and lots of other cool weapons like mines and grenades in this shooting game. Reasons to Donate Why to give to the BoatU. Then log in to see your favorited games here!